“Insuring Your Retirement”

Educational Video Series


Our video series, “Insuring Your Retirement,” is designed to help educate you on how fixed index annuities work and how you can use them as part of your retirement income planning.

We’ll educate you on the following:

  • The pros & cons of the 4 types of annuities
  • An in depth look at “Risky” versus “Conservative” investments
  • How Fixed Index Annuities make money in good markets & bad
  • Options for earning money in Fixed Index Annuities
  • How your principal is 100% protected
  • The most often overlooked aspect of annuities
Most importantly, you’ll learn how, despite the economic roller coaster over the past twelve years, our annuity clients have not had a decrease in account value due to stock market volatility.
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Watch "Insuring Your Retirement"

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