Divorce Financial Planning

Dallas Divorce Planning

Divorce can be a costly and difficult process if you don’t plan correctly. Making sure you stay organized will reduce hassle and complications during this tough time. The divorce process can be highly complex as you work through the various details of unraveling finances. This is where a Dallas divorce planning expert such as Cathy DeWitt Dunn can help. In terms of retirement, divorce can create new challenges when it comes to your retirement planning. This is why women everywhere have trusted Dallas divorce planning expert Cathy DeWitt Dunn to assist throughout the entire process. For years, Cathy DeWitt Dunn has specialized in helping women navigate complex financial issues during and after divorce and empowering those women to take control of their money.

Cathy understands that this process is different for every woman that she works with. This is why as a Dallas divorce planning expert, Cathy takes the time with each of her clients to understand their specific wants and needs. After an initial consultation, Cathy proposes a customized short or long-term plan that is suited to your specific situation.

As a certified divorce financial analyst, Cathy specializes in Dallas divorce planning and delivers financial guidance that is designed to help you negotiate the best divorce settlement possible. Cathy also assists with investment strategies that will help ensure the financial security of your family. She also assists with retirement strategies that strive to provide you a steady income, qualified domestic relations orders, and more.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about Dallas divorce planning, but not sure where to start? Cathy’s educational website Women, Money & Power offers free resources, articles, tools, and more that aim to empower women during these difficult times. This site takes an in-depth look into how you can take control of your assets and your future.

Have more questions? Get more answers at Women, Money & Power. This site also takes an in-depth look at how women can take control of their finances and pursue long-term financial security. Prefer to meet with someone? Set up an appointment at our Addison or Arlington offices.



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