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Our nation’s financial environment is a whirlwind. The stock market is a runaway train, reaching record highs. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies continue to grow to the amazement of the world. Student loan debts have developed into an over $1 trillion crisis. The housing market is experiencing unprecedented shortages. And to top it all off, the American tax system just underwent a complete overhaul. In this state of financial uncertainty in the United States, television networks are reaching out to Dallas financial expert, Cathy DeWitt Dunn, to help make sense of it all.

On top of her knowledge and experience in annuities and retirement planning, Dallas financial expert Cathy has helped viewers to understand new tax saving strategies, virtual credit cards, how to safely and properly donate to hurricane relief funds, college student spending mistakes, the costs of raising children, and more. Cathy is on top of it all.

Cathy’s television appearances have reached millions of viewers across the nation. You may have seen Cathy on CBS11, NBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, WFAA, HLN, ESPN, GOLF, TV Land and more.

Resources from Cathy’s Media Appearance:

Most of us would like to make more money, feel less stress and achieve financial stability. President and CEO Cathy DeWitt Dunn talked with WFAA-TV about the steps we can take to manifest our financial dreams into existence in the new year.

Before you spend your tax refund, consider carefully how you’ll use it. KXAS-TV spoke with President and CEO Cathy DeWitt Dunn about how we can wisely spend our restitution from Uncle Sam. Click here for the IRS withholding calculator

A recent survey found more than 1 in 4 Americans never talked about money with their parents! To help fix the communication breakdown, President and CEO Cathy DeWitt Dunn spoke with KXAS-TV sharing tips to help parents discuss finance topics based on their kid’s age.  Click here for a teen budget worksheet.

The new year brings lots of change, some of which can have a big impact on your wallet. President and CEO Cathy DeWitt Dunn talked with FOX 4 about the new money rules for 2023 and how they could impact your finances. To see the new income tax brackets for 2023, visit

The tax filing deadline is right around the corner, and anyone who has yet to file should be sure to avoid costly mistakes. Vice President Stephen Hoyl talked with WFAA-TV about the common mistakes filers should avoid and how to set your taxes up for success in the future.  Click here to file an extension.

Click here for the goal-setting worksheet.

April is Financial Literacy Month and a good time to highlight the importance of good money management skills. President and CEO Cathy DeWitt Dunn joined WFAA-TV with lessons to help people take control of their finances and secure a better financial future. Click here for a financial literacy quiz.

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