Be it as it May

By Cathy DeWitt Dunn

Our “Inside Scoop” articles offer a glimpse into our lives outside the office. Check out what we have been up to in the new year and stay tuned to DeWitt & Dunn Financial Services Radio for more tidbits from the team!

Cathy caught the travel bug!

Cathy traveled down to Park City, UT for a Memorial Day weekend away. But, snow-my-gosh is was cold down there!

park city

She also celebrated her mom’s 80th birthday and spent some quality time with the family!

cathy dewitt

Here is what the rest of the crew is up to!

Jacob enjoyed quarantine life with the family!

Jacob visited the family and enjoyed the nice weather. No May Gray here!

jacob tippit

He’s also a proud pet parent who loves to spoil their pooch. Check out his pup’s new toys!

jacob tippit

That’s a wrap!

Keep checking back for more updates on the team’s next adventure. You are as welcome as the flowers in May!


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